Services offered by Ontario Modern Stucco

Stucco is making a comeback as a gorgeous exterior covering with serious curb appeal.  In Toronto and area, homeowners and businesses are relying on the efficiency of stucco in cold and hot weather to create exterior that will last decades. We are dedicated to helping you make your residential or commercial property look the best.  Ontario Modern Stucco is your trusted partner and an indispensable resource when it comes to customizing your property’s exterior in the Toronto and area.

We offer the best EIFS Stucco application to residential and commercial buildings of all sizes.  Whether you have a new construction, renovating with stucco or repairing existing stucco, give us a call for a free sit down and discussion to make your project a reality.

We have experience with:

  1. Private residence
  2. Multi-story buildings
  3. Strip Malls & fully covered buildings
  4. Commercial properties

At Ontario Modern Stucco, we are experts in stucco application.  Our team outperforms our competitors because, as your partner, we understand and manage every aspect of the experience for you.


Why do we use EFS?

EIFS is an alternative to traditional siding or brick exteriors. EIFS uses rigid insulation boards, providing insulation against heat and moisture transfer better than any other siding and exterior cladding options on the market today.  EIFS Stucco is one of the best choices for siding, as it is exceptionally fire-resistant. And stucco can help a building stay cooler longer in the summer and warmer longer in the winter.



Many Ontarians chose stucco for its low maintenance cost and amazing durability. But increasingly our customers are choosing EIFS stucco application for its great looks — and, with today’s advanced materials, stucco can be customized in far more than just color.  Today’s stucco work can produce looks as varied and creative as the homeowner’s imagination.


Professional Stucco Repair

When stucco repairs become necessary, the application of stucco may not sound difficult, but getting it right can be tricky. Working with professional stucco installers, like Ontario Modern Stucco, means you are able to benefit from our years in the industry — we know what works, and more importantly we know what doesn’t work.

Doing the job well the first time on an EIFS or stucco application (or repair) can mean the difference between a dry building and a moisture-compromised one; with Ontario Modern Stucco, home and business owners can benefit from our extensive experience — and our guarantee that you’ll be delighted with our work.