Stucco for Residential 

Are you in need of beautiful, long-lasting stucco? At Ontario Modern Stucco, we’ve been perfecting the art of custom stucco finishes since 2003.  Our stucco experts can create any color or texture imaginable. Our stucco is impact resistant, energy efficient and repels water; therefore fungus will not be able to infest your home.  It is cost effective, and in the long-term will save you money due to its low maintenance. This practical method of making your home durable and beautiful will not let you down.

The Ontario Modern Stucco can help you beautify the exterior of your home using various textures and colors of stucco. Our company is licensed to perform stucco jobs for your home.  We have liability insurance, are bonded, and have workers compensation for all employees that would be working on your job site. Stucco application can be hazardous and it is important to only work with companies that have the proper paperwork in place to prevent any liability from an injury being placed on the homeowner.  

Stucco is a very flexible material that can be used for a variety of areas whether curved or flat surfaces.  Stucco’s effectiveness has been known for more than a hundred years as a practical, inexpensive finish that does not require a lot of maintenance.  This means that you will be saving a lot of money on maintenance costs and will be able to utilize what you have gained for other more important purposes. Stucco is especially popular in the GTA because the material can withstand the intense cold and corrosive salty air from the lake that paint jobs cannot endure.

If you are looking for someone to apply stucco for your home, call us to provide all the work and technical experience to make your house the most admired house in the neighborhood.