Quality Workmanship

Across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario Modern Stucco has built a solid reputation as skilled professionals providing the highest quality work at reasonable prices. Ontario Modern Stucco has extensive experience in stucco projects of all sizes and challenges, such as schools, malls, motels & hotels, private homes and apartment complexes.

Stucco is a very useful building material to use as it not only looks great, but can stand the test of time. This durable material also doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance as an exterior finish. Though some try to create the same look through exterior paint and concrete, the quality stucco provides in protecting your home cannot be matched by these less expensive “quick fix” options. There is no real substitute for stucco. Avoid the need for frequent re-painting applications to your home and do it right from the start with stucco.

You can rest assured that here at Ontario Modern Stucco, we only use the best and most reliable materials. Our practical and cost-friendly EIFS stucco solution not only gives your residential or commercial property a wow-factor, it is bound to increase the value of your property. Our professional contractors have experience with installing, designing and repairing stucco homes and businesses.  

Call us for a professional assessment of your property and rest assured, professionals are at work.