8 Benefits of Finishing Your Home’s Exterior with Stucco

Your home is your castle.  Its exterior is one of the first things you see, even if you are simply enjoying the sun in the backyard.  As a visitor, or potential buyer, the exterior of your house or commercial building makes the first impression.  The choice of your exterior siding is more than just first impressions. Your siding choice also affects your energy bills, the life of your residential or commercial property, its looks, resale potential and more.

Many homeowners choose a stucco finish for a distinct look and energy efficiency. After consultation with you, dedicated contractors from Ontario Modern Stucco lay the Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) Moisture Managed Stucco in multiple-layers over a wood  framework, called a lath. This mixture of cement, lime and sand and water – known as stucco – is applied in a carefully calculated manner by your Ontario Modern Stucco contractor.  This solution withstands the test of time on commercial or residential properties during intense summer or winter. In fact, stucco is one of the most common exterior finishing choices due to its low maintenance and high efficiency.

There are many reasons why people use stucco.  Here we discuss a few:


  1.Stucco gives an Incredible look

Stucco’s layered application creates a heavily textured surface, ideal for modern homes and businesses. There are many texture options that you can choose as homeowners or business-owners. Some of them include:

  • Coarse
  • Pebbled
  • Raked
  • Smooth
  • Swirled

You can choose between concentrated, rough texture, sweeping, or smooth application to best complement the style of your property.  Call us today at Ontario Modern Stucco to discuss your requirements.


2. You have many Custom Options with Stucco

With any type of siding, you do not have very many color options. With stucco, however, specialized contractors at Ontario Modern Stucco can mix colors directly into the solution, allowing you to choose the perfect custom shade. And, while stucco doesn’t require painting over time, you can repaint it, should you ever want to.


Some people choose synthetic siding instead of the traditional stucco. This synthetic, known as EIFS, retains paint color even better than traditional stucco.


3. Stucco offers great Durability

Stucco is one of the most durable siding choices available in the market. With the right application that Ontario Modern Stucco contractors excel in, stucco can last over fifty years.

This is due in part to the fact that stucco expands and contracts as the temperature changes, which reduces the risk of cracking or crumbling.


4. Increase the Value of your home

Once applied professional by your Ontario Modern Stucco contractors, stucco provides a concrete shell around your home. This hard, durable exterior has great appeal as well as these other value-increasing characteristics, such as:

  • Energy Efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • Resistant to water damage

When you have your home appraised, these characteristics can add thousands of dollars to its market value.


5. Increased Home Efficiency

Stucco finishing can also save you money month to month on your energy bills. Stucco acts as an excellent insulation, with noticeable efficiency. This makes it easier to maintain a desired temperature in a stucco home or business, compared to properties with another kind of exterior, no matter what the weather looks like.

Stucco reduces your heating bills in the winter by reducing heat transfer through the walls.  The experts at Ontario Modern Stucco will work with you to define the type of stucco you want in order to reach the best efficiency levels.


6. Quick Installation

Siding is one of the biggest home or commercial renovation project you can do. Fortunately, if you choose stucco siding, the process is fairly quick, efficient and very pleasing. Most applications take a few days—and that includes the drying time. This minimizes the disruption to your home or business routine during the renovation process.


7. Resistance to Decay

Once a contractor from Ontario Modern Stucco performs the proper waterproofing, stucco is resistent to most kinds of decay. These include:

  1. Mildew and
  2. Mold

Unlike many other kinds of siding, with correct installation, stucco also does not flake or crumble over time, and the experts at Ontario Modern Stucco will make sure of this.  This makes it ideal for Canadian winter, spring, summer or autumn.

8. Stucco offers Versatility

If you are renovating an existing house or upgrading your commercial property, stucco is the most efficient choice. This is because contractors from Ontario Modern Stucco can apply stucco over the concrete masonry or wood framing. If you are replacing siding, it is a fairly simple matter to put a lath in place and apply stucco over it. This versatile application, in addition to the visually pleasing options, makes stucco a wise choice for residential and commercial properties.

Whether you are building a new home from the ground up or looking to renovate your existing home, stucco finishing is a smart siding choice. Talk to us, the Ontario Modern Stucco – your stucco experts, about the advantages of installing stucco on your property’s exterior.