Why should you consider a stucco finish for your Home?


Advantages of using stucco finish for your home

There are several benefits of using a stucco finish on a building or home. For example, it is very long lasting and extremely durable, which makes it a preferred choice for residential and commercial property owners. Let’s take a look at more good things that this material brings to your home.


Adds curb appeal

A stucco layer creates a heavily textured surface, ideal for modern homes and business owners that are looking to enhance the curb appeal of their homes or business. In addition, this versatile wall-covering offers a range of textural options, including:

  1. Pebbled
  2. Raked
  3. Smooth
  4. Swirled

Also, it can be applied smooth, rough or patterned. You can also add other decorative features to it for a more personalized appearance.


Fire and weather resistant

EIFS Stucco by Ontario Modern Stucco is fire resistant. In fact, stucco makes an excellent wall covering that is long lasting and resistant to sudden changes in temperature, freezing rain and is water repellent. It can be added to just about any brick or wooden surface.



Stucco finish can add to the architecture and other exterior elements of a home, such as a patio.  Another great feature is that you can add color to the mixture to create any look you desire. Or, if you prefer, you could select a different finish.

In summary, EIFS stucco is very affordable and is virtually maintenance-free. And, the cement-based version resists fungus, rot and is insect resistant.  So whether you are looking to upgrade your residential property or commercial property, call Ontario Modern Stucco to discuss your needs.