Why Stucco? – Increase the Value of your Home

Stucco increases the value of your home. Look around Toronto and you will see that stucco is the prevalent exterior material of choice for a majority of higher-end homes. Aesthetically, nothing matches the clean, elegant look of exterior stucco. Stucco is the easiest way to entirely change the look of your home or business without having to change the overall structure. It can be applied to existing brick, block, and wood siding. And, if you are looking to update the look of your home in a cost-effective manner, why not add Ontario Modern Stucco as an accent application to your home or use stucco to create architectural detailing that will satisfy even the most discriminating tastes.


Commercial stucco

Flexible Enough for any Project

No other exterior building material can match the flexibility that stucco offers. Available in a variety of colors and textures with an endless array of detail design possibilities, you may select the look that best suits your individual style. There are a wide variety of durable, long lasting finish colors, quoins or reveals. The choice is yours and the selection of fabricated shapes and sizes is unlimited.


Stucco saves you Money

From an economic standpoint, nothing beats EIFS Stucco from Ontario Modern Stucco. The cost of stucco is comparable to that of steel and aluminum siding. In most cases, it can be applied directly over your residential or commercial building’s existing facade. Stucco is a maintenance free exterior that does not need painting because the color and texture are impregnated onto the finish.