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Residential Stucco Design Information

Residential Stucco

The Ontario Modern Stucco can help you beautify the exterior of your home using various textures and colours of stucco. Our company is licensed to perform stucco jobs for your home.

Commercial Stucco information

Commercial Stucco

A commercial building is the outward reflection of the people within, and no one wants to be represented by cracked, pitted, and otherwise untidy walls. Ontario Modern Stucco is an expert in Commercial Stucco

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As one of the best, top-rated modern stucco contractors in the GTA, Ontario Modern Stucco understands that your property is one of your largest investments.

Whether you’re considering Stucco for your home or for your business, talk to the experts at Ontario Modern Stucco today for leading industry experience and friendly advice.

The first choice in Modern Stucco Design in the Greater Toronto Area


As one of the best, top-rated modern stucco contractors in the GTA, Ontario Modern Stucco understands that your property is one of your largest investments.

Modern stucco adds the best value and reduces maintenance, while creating the ambiance of quality and style to your residential or commercial property. Well planned use of stucco will completely transform the look and feel of your property’s exterior. We would love to meet you and show you why we are the best stucco company of choice for many residents of the GTA.  

Stucco – Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems


Whether you are looking for a stucco application to improve energy efficiency or upgrading the outlook of your house, you will be met with best customer service, outstanding knowledgeable staff, quality modern stucco products for all your residential and commercial stucco needs. Choice of multiple color options helps designing the perfect exterior for your home and can drastically improve its appearance.  We make the installation process simple because we have been delivering happiness to both residential and commercial customers since 2003. We offer completely free estimates and top notch service. Ontario Modern Stucco provides stucco repair, replacement, or upgrades for your homes look and feel with dramatic curb appeal.

Let Us Handle your Workload


We understand the process of hiring stucco contractors can be difficult. It is our duty to make this process easier. At Ontario Modern Stucco, we are homeowner specialists. We work for you, the property owner, not for contractors and builders in the new construction and industrial sector. Our passion is in working with homeowners like you that demand quality and friendly service.  For the best residential or commercial stucco application, call us today.

Core Values


Our company is family owned and operated. We have spent the last 15 years serving the home improvement needs of Ontario homeowners with thousands of happy customers. As a top rated stucco contractor in the Toronto and surrounding areas, we love what we do.

We are the leaders in Modern Stucco application because we believe that your home is your castle.  We respect your investment and welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs with you.



8 Benefits of Finishing Your Home’s Exterior with Stucco

Your home is your castle.  Its exterior is one of the first things you see, even if you are simply enjoying the sun in the backyard.  As a visitor, or potential buyer, the exterior of your house or commercial building makes the first impression.  The choice of your exterior siding is more than just first impressions. Your siding choice also affects your energy bills, the life of your residential or commercial property, its looks, resale potential and more.

Many homeowners choose a stucco finish for a distinct look and energy efficiency. After consultation with you, dedicated contractors from Ontario Modern Stucco lay the Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) Moisture Managed Stucco in multiple-layers over a wood framework, called a lath. This mixture of cement, lime and sand and water – known as stucco – is applied in a carefully calculated manner by your Ontario Modern Stucco contractor.  This solution withstands the test of time on commercial or residential properties during intense summer or winter. In fact, stucco is one of the most common exterior finishing choices due to its low maintenance and high efficiency.

There are many reasons why people use stucco.  Here we discuss a few:  Read More

Your Business Can Stand Out with Stucco

Stucco is one of the most commonly used exterior products for homes and businesses in Toronto and area, and for good reason. Stucco is one of the easiest exteriors to install, maintain, and keep clean, plus it provides an efficient insulating layer for better...

Why should you consider a stucco finish for your Home?

Why should you consider a stucco finish for your Home?   Advantages of using stucco finish for your home There are several benefits of using a stucco finish on a building or home. For example, it is very long lasting and extremely durable, which makes it a preferred...

Increase the Value of your Home with Stucco

  Why Stucco? - Increase the Value of your Home Stucco increases the value of your home. Look around Toronto and you will see that stucco is the prevalent exterior material of choice for a majority of higher-end homes. Aesthetically, nothing matches the clean, elegant...

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